GEOMECA (Geometric Calculator)


Version 5

Certification: Permanent to the installed PC


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1 Certification(Ver.5)

6 Certifications(Ver.5)

1 or 6 Certifications

1 Certification(Ver.4.1)

Web program - free access

The following is a web version of some functions of GEOMECA.

1. Descriptive statistics

2. Graph of functions, figures, transformation


 Setup file 5, 4e





Important matters related to download



GEOMECA 5 Setup file (Installation file)

  1. If an order number and password are used: As for Download product, Download and install using the registered order number and password, and register a unique number to authenticate. (The key is not sent separately.)
  2. When keys are issued: As for Package product, You will receive an envelope with the download key, product serial number, and installation key.
  3. If the installed PC has permanent authentication, it can be used offline.

Key required:


   1. ( e-mail ) (Email Authentication)

   2. Package product(Download-Key(Login)) or Download product(Order number and Password). As for package product, you can use the setup file in th USB enclosed in the paper package.

Installation:   Package product(Product serial number, installation key)) or Download product(Order number and Password)


  • Certified by running GEOMECA 5 software online. The password or download key is used when the user(unique number) is first authenticated.

  • The Help menu feature allows you to check the informantion related to 'certifications' and download updates.

  • A list of unique number registration (certification) can be found on the Documents page.


GEOMECA 4e Setup file (Installation file)

 Key required:


    1. ( e-mail ) (Email Authentication)

    2. (Order number and Password)

 Installation:  (Order number and Password)

 Registration (Certification)

  • Certified by running GEOMECA 4e software online. The password or download key is used when the user(unique number) is first authenticated

  • The Help menu feature allows you to download updates.


For 'permanent authentication on installed PC' :

  • When the program is installed and executed for the first time, a unique number for the order number is registered and certified. Once authenticated, the program can be run offline.
    This means that it can be permanently used on the such PC. When you reinstall from an authorized PC, you will be authenticated without changing the number of authentications. However, please note that formatting is recognized as installation on another PC.